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The Oscars (Academy Awards)




The Oscars was highly anticipated and it has come and gone, however every event that occurred that evening at the Oscars still remain in our memories from strutting the red carpet, to the awards, to the tourists who inadvertently attended the Oscars, to the gaffe that occurred when an award was wrongly given to La La Land and then the Oscar after parties.

For BeliJose’s Fashion Hauz, while keeping all the others in our memory, we are more interested in what the beautiful Hollywood ladies wore to the Oscars because fashion and style is as important as the awards too! The highlights for me were watching Rosie Huntington Whitely walk the red carpet with her baby bump, Chrissy Tiegen’s lovely white gown and Taraji P Henson in a spectacular blue velvet gown.

So let’s feast our eyes and find style inspiration from the ladies below:







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