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Celebrity Style Icon Watch 29: Celine Dion


Do you know Celine Dion? Yes. Do you know she is a style icon? Mmmm…? Do you know Celine’s voice can bring down the house? Definitely. 


Celine is this week’s style icon to watch and I, like many others didn’t know she had such amazing style. Therefore, today is about the artist we all love and who sang us through almost all the great moments of our early lives and made some of us fall in love with Jack in the movie, ‘Titanic’.


Celine was born Céline Marie Claudette Dion on 30 March 1968. She is a Canadian singer and businesswoman, a wonderful wife and mother.

Celine Dion’s professional career began when she was just 12years old and since then her musical career has skyrocketed making her one of the best selling artists of all time!


Celine is gearing up to launch a fashion line this year and since 2016 Paris Haute Couture has been reinventing her style with noteworthy appearances wearing coordinated and classy designer ensembles. During an appearance on Ellen de Generes, Celine Dion informed Ellen that she had over 3000 pairs of shoes at her waterfront Florida palace. Wow!


From evening dresses, pairing jeans and tee, to blazers, jackets and dope classic accessories,and of course her shoes, Celine Dion brings fashion and style alive and is a style icon to watch ⌚.


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