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The only accessory missing in Rihanna’s ensemble is her trademark oversized sunglasses but her look is all rock star glam!

The ‘Work’ singer in a series of BTS shots for Paper Magazine, channeled a trendy look wearing a colorful stripe long sleeved gown.


The gown which was clingy hugged all her curves and the color combination helped give the illusion of a fuller figure. It’s colors included blue, black, orange, yellow, white and even fringes giving off a cool, edgy and sexy look.


Sporting a fringe hairstyle in green color which was left messy, Rihanna who is one of the greatest style icons and trend setter, accessorized her look with a heavy black chain choker, statement earrings, a pouch with two oversized leather bags slung round her waist and for footwear, she wore high wedge sandals.


Working the camera in a series of poses like only she can, the shots which were taken in a street corner surrounded by wall graffiti, had Rihanna reminding us again why we love her a lot.


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