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allure & Alicia


When for any reason we don’t wear makeup, no one notices, ‘but’ when celebrities decide not to wear makeup, it makes news stories. Jealous? Well, I think so, 😁.


And so we all know, American singer, Alicia Keys has decided to go without makeup and the ‘No One’ crooner brought it into the new year.


With a bare face at the 2017 Golden Globes, Alicia further embraced the beauty option on the cover of allure!


Whilst talking about life, family, career, goals and her decision to wear little or no makeup as it soothes her, Alicia looked amazingly refreshing, like we all look when we decide to go without wearing makeup😁.


Captioned, “Beauty’s New Rebels” the actress, pianist and producer looked gorgeous in shots of her wearing her curly afro hair loose and wearing stylish tied African print scarfs. Accessorizing with gold hoop earrings and rings, Alicia teased with colorful eye shadows at the end of her eyes.





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