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Henna, Mehndi, Laila la la la…

Simple or elaborate, a henna or mehndi design has got all the best options…

Normally seen on the hands and feet of about-to-wed brides or newly weds, this temporary form of skin decoration is slowly relegating tattoos to the background, most importantly because it fades off as it’s simply a design resting on the surface of the skin.


Mehndi or henna is a paste used to make designs for men and women, most commonly women. It’s origin as a dying agent is in contention, but according to Wikipedia, the earliest clear evidence of henna application on the body appears on Egyptian mummies whose hair and toes were stained with the reddish brown tones of the henna.

The henna has many variations such as the Arabic henna design, the Indian mehndi design and the Pakistani designs.


Henna or Mehndi designs are mostly floral but there are symbols too especially in Indian designs, both are now becoming more bold in that different  design ideas are mixed to form a unique blend for each individual.

In Nigeria, the henna or ‘laila’ is mostly used on Hausa or Fulani brides. But for those who do not prefer the conventional tattoos(like me), henna is fast becoming a more preferred alternative.


I hear Kano city makes the best Mehndi or Henna designs in Nigeria. What about your area?


Mehndi designs for ladies and mehandi lovers


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