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Afro: The new fashion statement

Beyonce’s hit single, “Formation” cinched the Afro hairstyle. The music video did not just put the word Afro in our mouths but the image was totally stamped into our consciousness as we watched adorable Blue Ivy rocking the hair in an angelic white gown and Bey’s hot-bod dancers also rocking the look as they ‘slayed’ on the dance floor.



  However, it doesn’t mean that until the video we never heard of Afro, No! Rather the hairstyle has been an Afro-American statement since before the coming of the weaves and braids and right now it is making an astonishing comeback. 

  Formerly termed ‘dada’ in Nigeria, this is one look our ladies currently can’t seem to get enough of presently. From the soulful singer Yemi Alade, to the fashion Icon Mercy Aigbe, our Nigerian ladies are totally ‘slaying it’! 

And here’s an amazing collection of beautiful Afro or dada look (let’s not shy away from the word).


  And without further ado, the Queen of Afro herself Solange Knowles!!! 


She has from a long time nurtured this hairstyle and now rocks a full, healthy and well groomed afro. 



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