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All The Shades Of Brown!


  In a stunning collection of photos, Beverly Naya displayed her beautiful brown skin to launch her new website


   The actress popularly known for her role as Sheila’s younger sister in the African TV Series, ‘Tinsel’ proudly flaunts her glowing cream-colored chocolate brown skin in a deep plunging purple velvet gown and in a white chiffon blouse with yellow motif.



  She has her short afro styled to one side of her head and having the full locks frame her face. In the above photo she pairs her look with bold purple lipstick, the same shade as her purple velvet gown and a simple makeup. To complete this look she is wearing classic silver drop earrings and full beaded silver bangles and a ring.


   In another photo the celebrity is wearing minimal makeup and a silver band on her finger. This goes on nicely with her white chiffon blouse and the deep red lipstick adds a dash of color to her ensemble.



   Also in the above photos which looks more like a skin commercial, her attitude is laid back, easy and fun. With nude makeup and her styled the same way, she is covered under white and light sea green bed linens.
  The photo collection showcases African female beauty, fashion and style; her skin, her hair and makeup.


9 thoughts on “All The Shades Of Brown!

          1. It’s about a guy that’s banky getting married to the girl of his dreams but on the wedding day different catastrophes happen like armed robbers appear and his in laws don’t get along with his parents and then the devious Beverly shows up to tell his bride about their affair which leaves her in tears and stuff but I think it will have a happy ending I mean it should right.


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