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For Northern Nigeria’ s Weather

Am in the North-Eastern part of Nigeria and the weather is a clear 47°C! Everyone is taking cover, not from the rains of course but from the sun. It’s so hot and there’s no breeze not even a light one, it’s positively baking. But this is Northern Nigeria, where everyone covers up despite the heat except if you are in more liberal environment.
  This post compiles cool ideas that will help you beat the hot and dry weather. Something that let’s in a little air and yet keeps you comfortably covered up for wherever you are.
1. Ditch blacks?
Some people believe black clothing shouldn’t be worn on a hot day. This is because it doesn’t reflect back the sun’s rays. I have come to see that this view is conflicting. To be on the safe side, wear cool colours like white, cream, light blue, pink etc and if you wish you may also wear black but with a good fabric.


2. Cotton instead of silk.
Cotton materials are safe and excellent for hot weather. It is cool and easy and also absorbs moisture. Stay away from tight and clingy ones. Also, Rayon and Linens are also airy and advisable. Silk is clingy especially when wet and you won’t feel so comfortable while wool may become heavy.

3. Invest in hats.



Fedoras, sun straw hats, beach hats, wide brim hats, anyone of them will keep the sun away from your face.

4. Glam up your style with sunshades



5. You can’t wear shorts in every part of Northern Nigeria. Shorts make you look very smart, but in some parts you just can’w


  Photo Credit: Bella Naija Style
So respect the people’s dress code.

6. Gowns and flowing skirts will let your insides breathe,



but pants will restrict air passage.  So whatever you wear even where you decide on pants, it should be light and airy.



Until the next post girls, never forget your bottled water or that chilled bottle of Coca-Cola.
Find a Shade!


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